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My name is Marion MacPherson, I live on the Isle of Skye with my 6 Labradoodles Morgan, Zoe, Rolo, Lexie, Eva and Piper. I also have 2 Border Collies Moss & Gyp.

I am a hobby breeder of 2nd & 3rd generation Labradoodles. We only have 1 litter of pups a year and they are all born and reared in my living room.


My breeding name is 'Eilean Labradoodles'...Eilean is Gaelic for Island.

All my Labradoodles have been Hip & Elbow scored and Eye Tested...Please see their individual pages for their results.

My Doodles have fantastic temperaments and are full of fun...just like a Doodle should!

Puppies are raised in my living room and are socialised from an early age to all of the everyday household noises inside and out. Therefore I feel, leading to happy, outgoing and well adjusted puppies.

We offer all of our puppy owners consistant advice, whether its about feeding, grooming, training or any other problems that may arise.


I really enjoy receiving regular feedback and pictures of my pups throughout their life.

In the unfortunate event of one of my pups needing re-homing, I will of course take my pups back. I would hate to see any of my pups in a dogs home. I feel all breeders should take this responsibility very seriously.

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